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We expanded our global team by 68 highly skilled employees in 2018 to 246, representing 32 different nationalities.

2018 has been a year of strong growth delivered by our dedicated people and teams. This is also reflected in our organisation which we have strengthened within all functions and regions. In 2018, we expanded our global team by 68 highly skilled employees to 246, whereof women account for 33 %. In addition to our own employees, we had about 183 professionals hired in to deliver on our projects in 2018. A range of onboarding activities have successfully been implemented to integrate every new hire into our diverse organisation which counts 32 different nationalities.

This year, we will continue our work to take further advantage of this diversity, adding knowledge, skills, gender and personality to the equation. If we can further capitalise on the combined strengths of these assets, we are set for an even stronger organisation that continues to deliver successful projects in complex environments.

To further strengthen continuous development of Scatec Solar’s people and teams, additional systems were implemented in 2018. These tools enable efficient administration of global HR processes to ensure high quality in all phases of training and development of a growing organisation. During the second half of 2018, 16 different courses were offered to all employees. This offering is continuously updated and aligned with the needs of the business and employees.

Performance management in Scatec Solar is a continuous process to reinforce a value based high performance culture with passionate and empowered employees. The core of the performance, management and appraisal (PDA) process is the continuous dialogue between line manager and employee. The PDA process is mandatory for all employees and we track this to full completion every year.

We conducted our first global employee survey in 2018. The overall results were strong, and the scores reflecting employee pride were the highest. The survey provides good insight into areas we can improve as well as areas where we can further utilise our strengths. Global follow-up of the findings, including improvement objectives and supporting actions, will be ongoing throughout 2019.

Scatec Solar’s operations stretches across 19 countries and four continents. Even though we are growing at a high pace, we remain an agile and lean organisation. We utilise our strengths throughout the complete value chain and deliver record achievements together with our long-term partners. This combination will continue to be key for our future success.

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