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How we work with sustainability

Clean and sustainable energy

Scatec Solar develops, builds, operates, and owns solar power plants that generate clean and reliable electricity. Electricity is vital for the economic growth of nations and human welfare. We strive to increase access to clean, affordable, and renewable electricity generation in emerging markets.


Sustainability is an integral part of our organisation and is embedded in all business units including project development, solutions/execution, asset management, and operations. The sustainability team in each country consists of both corporate support teams and specialists, as well as fieldworkers who report to the global headquarters and ultimately to the Executive Vice President of Sustainability, who forms part of the Management team reporting directly to the Board of Directors. The sustainability team develops key performance indicators reviewed by the Management annually. When relevant, both the Management and the Board of Directors review specific sustainability topics including health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE), corruption, procurement, environmental and social impacts, and stakeholder engagement, usually on a monthly basis.

Scatec Solar has developed a policy for each material sustainability topic outlining the key principles and management approach governing the way we operate and address issues. The policy statements and management approach for material topics can be found at the beginning of each chapter of this report. Further information on our corporate governance can be found in the annual report and on our corporate website.


Scatec Solar is committed to operate in line with the Equator Principles and IFC’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards to ensure consistent practices across all projects. We work with trusted partners such as the IFC, Norfund, KLP, and several larger development banks that all have high standards for the projects and their associated impacts.


IFC’s Performance Standards

IFC’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards define IFC clients’ responsibilities for managing their environmental and social risks

The Equator Principles

A risk management framework adopted by financial institutions for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in development projects